Professional & Personable Conduct:
Serving as a faith leader is an opportunity to provide positive experiences and build relationships. Faith leaders must conduct themselves as guests invited into important times. Faith leaders agree not to scare, persuade, manipulate or otherwise convert others unless those served have asserted their own request to be converted. At the same time, faith leaders agree not to deny their own faith beliefs. Usually, by the end of the first face-to-face meeting (even if online), each party can discern if each would be comfortable, even happy, to continue their new relationship.

Publishing a Profile:
A feature of publishing in the faith leader directory is the support community of a Facebook Group. Training, tips, alerts and other communications are delivered to faith leaders within the ‘Profiles Facebook Group.’ Therefore, having a Facebook account is required.

Quality Control:
For everyone’s protection and understanding, United Faith Leaders makes the following recommendations.

  1. Execute a contract whenever an agreement is perceived. Faith leaders are expected to be able to produce contracts but they may often be produced by the people being served.
  2. Clients should request, and faith leaders must provide, proof of any claimed credentials (ie. ordination, seminary degrees) at or before the first meeting. UFL does not evaluate faith leaders credentials. Likewise, faith leaders should proactively present their credentials.  Be sure the appropriate credential is presented for the service being sought.

Authorized to Serve:
The faith leader attests she/he is authorized to perform the services being offered. Our faith leaders attest each is in good standing with their religious organizations and have discussed any prior criminal record to the satisfaction of UFL executives. Any legal convictions or pending judgments must be discussed with an executive at UFL and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. UFL reserves the right to conduct inquiries to verify the integrity of UFL values are being upheld.

Referral Fees:
There are no longer required referral fees from faith leaders to United Faith Leaders.

Failure to uphold these terms or UFL values will result in, but is not limited to, removal from UFL.

United Faith Leaders has no liability for the faith leaders profiled in the directory.