Quality Control:
For everyone’s protection and clear understanding, affiliates must execute contracts with every client. Contracts must include the following: 1). Clients will rate the faith leader on her/his United Faith Leader (UFL) profile within two weeks after every service/event. In the event of a wedding, this includes both spouses (two separate ratings). The faith leader will provide the url on the contract. 2.) The total fee the client agrees to pay the affiliate. The stipulation that half the fee is due with the contract and the second half is due one week before the service/event. 3.) Clients should request, and faith leaders must provide, proof of any claimed credentials. UFL does not evaluate faith leaders credentials. 4.) The affiliate’s liability is restricted to the amount of the fee. 5.) United Faith Leaders is the referring agency and has no liability for its independent faith leaders.

Publishing a Profile:
The publishing of anyone’s profile is always contingent on the interview process of UFL. Occasionally profiles will be won in promotional events but, for the integrity of the ministry, must remain pending normal procedures and full understanding according to the rest of these terms and conditions and to verify candidates are a good fit with UFL.

Professional & Personable Conduct:
Being hired as a faith leader is our opportunity to provide positive experiences and build relationships. Affiliates will conduct themselves as guests invited into important times. Affiliates agree that converting others to their beliefs is not their objective. At the same time, affiliates agree not to deny their own faith beliefs.

Authorized to Serve:
The faith leader attests she/he is authorized to perform the services for which she/he contracts with clients. Our faith leaders attest each is in good standing with their (non)religious organizations and have discussed any prior criminal record to the satisfaction of a UFL executive. Any legal convictions or pending judgments must be discussed with an executive at UFL and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. UFL reserves the right to conduct inquiries to verify the integrity of UFL values are being upheld.

Those receiving referrals or purchasing memberships are not employees.

Referral Integrity:
If a faith leader cannot fulfill a UFL client’s requests for any reason then the request can only be directed back to UFL. Every faith leader must be screened and approved before receiving a request directly or indirectly because the client’s experience will reflect back on UFL no matter what.

It is common for new clients to be met while serving current clients. Being seen doing good work brings new requests. When new clients are met serving current clients they remain a consequence of UFL. Whether new clients use the website or not, they must be treated as “a result of UFL” and UFL will receive referral fees according to these terms and conditions. As an ethical matter, every effort should be made to include UFL for connections that UFL facilitates.

Referral Fees:
When a faith leader is hired, the client pays the faith leader and the faith leader pays UFL as follows. For each major event or service ($100 or higher) performed UFL will receive a flat $20 referral fee. A minor event or service (under $100) requires no referral fee to UFL. A $200 referral fee is to be paid to United Faith Leaders when an affiliate is hired to a permanent position (full-time or part-time). Interim positions are considered permanent.

Because the life of referrals from UFL can be expected to continue without end, it is the responsibility of faith leaders to pay these small referral fees as long as clients continue to be a result of UFL. This extends beyond a time such as the faith leader stops paying any recurring fees (ie. profile publication fees, membership fees, consultants fee, etc.) to UFL.

Payments should be made in full to United Faith Leaders within one week of the event or hire date. Payments can be made online through the Faith Leader Dashboard. Checks may be mailed to “United Faith Leaders, 8040 Villa Park Drive, Suite 250, Richmond VA 23228.”

Failure to uphold these terms or UFL values will result in decreased or discontinued referrals, termination, or legal action.
By the creation of any affiliation with United Faith Leaders (profile, membership, etc.) every faith leader agrees to the terms of this contract indefinitely beyond the creation of their affiliation or its end.