Are you a faith-leader-in-hiding? Most people are not going to find you, call you, email you, or walk into your office anymore. Even a church website is couched in too much “organized religion” for many Americans. We have discovered that people are looking for you, intensely! But they just want to compare individual profiles side-by-side online. We have designed UFL to serve both the seeker and the faith leader. This is why we teach every faith leader and faith-leader-in-training to have a public profile with United Faith Leaders. Let’s bring you out of hiding.

Retirees, chaplains, authors, speakers, preachers, under-employed, over-employed, conservative, liberal, female, transgender, tall, brown, orthodox, Buddhist, Baptist, atheist, young, deaf, athletic, native, immigrant, etc. Our separation causes us to misunderstand and fear one another. Only together can we know peace and serve the whole world.

While just being side by side as profiles on a screen does change the world there are additional practical reasons to publish a UFL profile.

  • Grow congregations and other ministries
  • Offer paid or free services (ie. pulpit supply, Hebrew tutoring, officiate weddings or funerals)
  • Get hired permanently
  • Positive association with UFL
  • All while actively building your ministerial resume

You write your own profile so you only offer what you feel called to do.

Profiles cost $10 per month with a $100 setup fee. Faith leaders decide how much to charge, if anything, for the services (temporary or permanent) they provide. Any money paid to faith leaders for their services are paid directly to the faith leader. The only time additional money is paid to United Faith Leaders by faith leaders is each time any of the following occurs:

  1. A faith leader is paid $100 or more for a short-term service provided.
  2. A faith leader is hired for a permanent position (full or part time).

Every faith leader must schedule a short, live, qualifying interview. Documentation of ordination and pertinent education must be brought to the interview. We want to hear what you are personally called to and offer suggestions for how you might be most successful with UFL. Not every faith leader has the gifts to work with the general public.

Create Your Account

  • Let's create a personal account where you can draft your profile.