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The Faith Leader Directory

We believe, with the general public, that all faith leaders should be able to be found in one place.

We, faith leaders, have a public component to our callings, as well as some less public components. The 21st-century public expects to find public figures like faith leaders in the public square.

Many of us can be found publicly in our pulpits. But first, the public wants to meet us on neutral territory. So, from the safety of their home turf, they surf the web to meet our individual, smiling faces. And we should meet them halfway, our profile should be there, online.

The public also respects faith leaders who are active, visible leaders in their wider community. They intuit strength, confidence, and global awareness with leaders who have collegial, interfaith relationships. Courage and security are associated with leaders who are in conversation with other traditions. Being side-by-side in the faith leader directory implicates all of these positive values for faith leaders in the directory.

Those implications may be true or false initially but can, in fact, bring about the admired traits. This directory can help you find surrounding faith leaders and build relationships in your wider community! Just like the general public can discover the ministries you are already leading, you can discover what diverse faith leaders are doing in a 5, 10, 15, or 50-mile radius from your zip code.

Any faith leader can submit a profile for the directory today.

Every faith leader will also gain access to the community of faith leaders in the form of a Facebook group. Of course, you can leave the group or unpublish your profile at any time.

United Faith Leaders is also creating a learning community in January 2018 called Clergypreneurs. It is a partnership with Free Range Priest and Backstory Preaching under the auspices of Upstart Ministry. See options above to learn more. All faith leaders are invited to capitalize on the first month with Clergypreneurs for $1.

Together we can bear God’s love to the world.

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by telling your faith leaders that you would like to see them in the directory.

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