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Why join as a Faith Leader?

United Faith Leaders is about faith leaders coming together around our commonalities and our humanity to serve and model healthy, humble, collaborative leadership. Eyes wide open we believe in goodness, hope, and love. We have faith that we can work together in strength and solidarity.

Any faith leader can begin with the process of publishing a profile. We’re constructing community environment and it can soon be found above. We are also creating learning communities in the near future.

Publishing a profile is the act of making yourself public and able to be found as a faith leader. As the nature of ministry adjusts in our information age UFL is where faith leaders are found. Our children have more and more interfaith friendships. Isolationism is increasingly perceived as inauthenticity and insecurity. Secure, confident traditions are found side-by-side with sisters and brothers who hold diverse, respected beliefs. The absence of any tradition is a statement itself.

Publishing a profile includes a brief interview. Please review the “how it works” pages and the terms and conditions before your interview date. Begin with the yellow “get started” button above.

The right time to build new relationships is today. The faith leader you are is needed. Come together right now.

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