Welcome to United Faith Leaders. We are an interfaith group of faith leaders who are affiliated to meet your needs. Most Americans, religious or not, do not have a local faith leader when pastoral needs and questions arise. UFL is striving to fix this problem.

People often just want to sit down in a local coffee shop for an informal conversation. It may lead to a genuine relationship and it may not but faith leaders desire to be available to all people.

Our faith leaders may be employed in faith communities or not. They may be intensely educated in their traditions from seminaries accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) or not. No matter what, each is expected to be friendly, professional and a person of depth, according to our terms and conditions for UFL.

United Faith Leaders If anyone meets with our faith leaders they are encouraged to provide a rating and review of the faith leader, which can be seen on the faith leaders full profile.

United Faith Leaders does not directly charge the public to use or meet with our profiled faith leaders. The faith leader pays to post their profile and the faith leader pays a small referral fee to UFL when hired for a major event and when hired for a permanent position. Faith leaders determine their own fees (if any) for the services they provide.

If you have any questions or comments please like and engage us on our Facebook Page.