We are the faith leaders coming out of hiding by putting our names in the faith leader directory.

We are in traditional and creative ministries. We are salaried and not. We are chaplains, ministers, imams, rabbis, pastors, and more. We are seminary students, pastors, and worship leaders. We are over-employed, under-employed, retired, novice and veteran. We vary in colors, nationalities, orientations, genders, sizes, and abilities. We do music, children’s, youth, young adult, adult, parent, and senior ministries. We are civilian and military. We are authors, speakers, teachers, and retreat leaders.

The faith leader directory lets prepared faith leaders answer their callings to serve in every zip code.

We require that faith leaders only provide services for which they are credentialed. It is up to faith leaders to present their credentials and up to those seeking faith leaders to ask for the credentials.

Our faith leaders are expected to be friendly, professional people of depth who uphold our terms and conditions.

United Faith Leaders If anyone meets with our faith leaders they are encouraged to provide a rating and review of the faith leader on the faith leader’s full profile. This accountability is a very important for all parties involved, past and future. We appreciate your ratings and reviews.

United Faith Leaders does not charge the public. Faith leaders pay to post their profile.  Faith leaders determine their own fees (if any) for the services they provide. Please be generous with faith leaders.

Congregations are recommended to have all of their faith leaders in the online directory. Clear expectations, however, should be established between the congregation and faith leaders for when (or whether) the faith leader is offering independent services or representing the congregation, as well as the expected flow of finances for services provided. Will the services be provided in the congregation’s facilities?

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